Tucson Post Office, Hssa Rejoice Canine Mascot On New Stamp

It's turn out to be a holiday custom. Every year during the Christmas rush, people trudge down to the post workplace to get Christmas postage stamps for the envelopes they'll be utilizing to deliver their Xmas playing cards and letters. But there was a time no so long ago when you had to use the same previous stamps throughout the holidays that you used the relaxation of the yr. The initial USPS Xmas stamp wasn't released until 1962, and it was much later on that they additional Hanukkah and Kwanzaa stamps to the winter lineup.

Realizing they experienced a hit on their fingers, the USPS followed up with an additional holiday postage stamp the next yr. The 1963 Christmas stamp highlighted an image of the National Xmas tree and the White House, and had a face value of 5 cents.

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The stamps I had of my mom's experienced all been issued in the final ten years. There had been some Woman Liberty and Flag Initial-Course stamps from 2006, some United states Initial-Course Flag stamps from 2003, and other assorted designs. The clerk at the post workplace stated one has to be careful about how much is a book of stamps, especially real previous types. They can be rare, or special in some way, and be really worth more than their postage worth.

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